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Meyerhoff Is Found At Lueneburg And Hamburg

Below you will see several names. There is more to this tree. But to start with I wish to emphasize the Meyerhoff - Meyerhof family and those they married. At a past date I did trace the Meyerhoff family to Bergen Kries Celle. I told the researcher in Sweden [who had shown me these names] about the suspicion I had about the connection to my Heins / Winkelman/ Koch families. I'd like to show you how I think they connect to our Meyerhof families, who lived at Bergen, kries Celle.

2. Ahnenreihe

4. BURMEISTER, Ludwig Karl Martin, Schneidermeister, * Dahlenburg 10.11.1859, + Dahlenburg 24.11.1915
oo Dahlenburg 09.07.1885 Elise Meyerhoff

5. MEYERHOFF, Elise Dorothee, * Lüneburg 07.02.1866, + Hamburg 08.01.1939
oo Dahlenburg 09.07.1885 Ludwig Burmeister

6. DIETRICH, Richard Heinrich Wilhelm, Töpfer, * Dahlenburg 29.11.1874, + Hamburg 10.04.1939
oo Dahlenburg 13.05.1897 Sophie Ulrich

7. ULRICH, Sophie Dorothea Elisabeth Friederike, * Dahlenburg 24.03.1875, + Dahlenburg 11.12.1937
oo Dahlenburg 13.05.1897 Richard Dietrich

3. Ahnenreihe

8. BURMEISTER, Peter Friedrich Heinrich, Schneidermeister, * Schönberg 05.05.1823
oo Dahlenburg 23.01.1853 Maria Steinfelden

9. STEINFELDEN, Maria Dorothea Elisabeth, * Dahlenburg 01.02.1820, + Dahlenburg 22.11.1896
oo Dahlenburg 23.01.1853 Peter Burmeister

10. Meyerhoff, Johann Christoph Carl, * Lüneburg 25.02.1835
oo Lüneburg 03.02.1861 Catharine ROENNDAHL

11. Rönndahl, Catharine Dorothea Elisabeth, * Dahlenburg 26.05.1837
oo Lüneburg 03.02.1861 Johann Meyerhoff

12. DIETRICH, Gottlieb Wilhelm, Töpfer, * Wörlitz 27.03.1833, + Dahlenburg 07.12.1893
oo Zarrentin 03.06.1862 Dorothea Ott

13. OTT, Dorothea Sophie Wilhelmine Elisabeth, * Zarrentin 18.01.1834, + Dahlenburg 21.02.1896
oo Zarrentin 03.06.1862 Gottlieb Dietrich

14. ULRICH, Johan Friedrich Ludolf, Bürgermeister, Schustermeister, * Dahlenburg 24.01.1842, + Dahlenburg 08.04.1928
oo Dahlenburg 27.11.1868 Margarethe Burmeister

15. BURMEISTER, Margarethe Elisabeth, * Dahlenburg- Ahndorf 03.01(4).1844, + Dahlenburg 23.04.1921
oo Dahlenburg 27.11.1868 Johan Ulrich

4. Ahnenreihe

20. MEYERHOFF, Johan Jürgen, * 28.08.1798
oo Lüneburg 28.08.1832 Margarethe "Strobel"

21. "STROBEL", Margarethe Eleonore, * 10.02.1806
oo Lüneburg 28.08.1832 Johanri Meyerhoff

22. Rönndahl, "Johanri" Jürgen, Knecht in Rönstedt, * Rönstedt 21.12.1806
oo Dahlenburg 07.05.1830 Catharina Schultz

23. SCHULTZ, Catharina Dorothea, * Tosterglope 15.09.1795
oo Dahlenburg 07.05.1830 "Johanri" Rönndahl

I am only starting to show you and want to remind you that there are more to Burmeister, Ulrich, Diedrich,and Schulz families than you see here. I wrote to this person in Sweden, who supplied the names, but he did not write back for one reason or another. I do hope He contacts me soon. I am sorry to say that I have no further research on the Burmester, Burmeister, Rappaul, Ulrich, Janecke families done as of yet. Soon I hope. I need church records, which will have to wait until I can ask for further information.

In the mean time I do wish to progress in showing you how these names connect to Bergen kries Celle.

Note: In the year 1979 -1980 a man in Martin county Minnesota told me several facts about the family. However, I can't remember it all. One thing I do remember him telling me is a speculation. He said that the family have wondered if it was true that Marlena Dietrich could be related to the Heins, Meyerhof, Hohls, or Dageforde families from Bergen Kries Celle. I did look into what ever information on line which I found limited on her. One article said she was known to be associated with Bergen Celle because of her sister there. And She had some association with Hitler I don't mean in the bloodline. It's just that she knew him during the war. I should take up the research again. Or dear relatives, you surely can. I do have records of Heins marrying Dietrich.

We had a discussion about a book that was at the Martin county library at that time. I had only glanced at it. I did see more online later. It involved names like, LOHMAN, DREWES, GARDNER, and many others I cannot remember. In 2003 I looked for it and I didn't find it again. I am not sure if it is now at the Heritage center there or not.

We had a discussion about the name NAUMAN and HEINS. KUHLMAN. BECKER. MUELLER or MILLER. HARMON. We also discussed the area of Winsen der aller. And a place called Twisselhof or Hasselhof. I found Twisselhof by Winsen der aller

Note: Not only are the surnames and the Meyerhoff family important to me. I have a particular interest in the family of Ulrich. In the future I will be doing what ever I can to see if there is any correlation between this family and mine who had residence of Ahndorf, Boitze, Neetzendorf.

Source: This is found online at various trees and websites. It maybe labeled private. If so please respect their privacy.
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A rootdigger said...

Wilhelm Karl Ernst Burmeister
Birth 20.04.1872 in Dahlenburg, Niedersachsen, Deutschland
oo Md. 1897. 11 Feb
Age: 24
Marriage to Sophie Luise Habermann
Bergen, Celle, Niedersachsen, Germany

A rootdigger said...

MEYERHOFF, Marie Dorothee Elisabeth * 10.12.1827 in Neestahl Lüneburg, + 10.12.1897 in Nahrendorf Lüneburg
WINKELMANN, Johann Jürgen Heinrich * 08.08.1822 in Nahrendorf Lüneburg, + 17.12.1891 in Nahrendorf Lüneburg