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A Rootdigger

I would like to link to my other blog right now. Especially since I recently posted a picture of the parents of Maria Dorothea Heins Meyer. If all goes correctly, you should find On A Rootdigger.blogspot a picture of Anna Maria Henke, Heinz { Heins ]! [I wish I had some information on the Henke family to give you. It has been a challenge.]

If you prefer not to click on the link by all means paste this address into your browser or google a rootdigger.blogspot.


Eventually, I should see. if I can do an enlarged close up of Johann Heinz's war medal on his chest. It definately has stripes on some of it ribbon. Remember he was originally from Bergen Celle. He and his wife were found to be renting in Oldendorf by William and Mary {Heins} Meyer in my church records of the babtisms of their children.

Lets see a little review of Johann born 1823. He must have gone into the military about age eighteen. This would be about 1841. He might have married, when he was twenty - 25. 1843-1848. Maybe he did some fighting with the French for Brunswick - Luneburg. And maybe fought in a war with Denmark.

Johann Heinrich (M) ev

* 05.03.1823 Bergen Kr. Celle

~ ?.03.1823 Bergen Kr. Celle

+ 19.09.1904 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf

± 22.09.1904 Nahrendorf

Maria Dorothea Heins geb. 1851 - Creutzen
Grandmother Winkelman - Sultingen.
Great grandmother Koch - Belsen

Go ahead and paste it in, you will be glad you did.

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A link to Meyer at A rootdigger

The Link to the other blog on Meyer. It also has other family names of Schultze, Rappaul, Ulrich, Riess, Luhmann, Seil, Raetzmann, Reinecke, Jahnke, Gehrke, Mueller, Schulze, Brese, Steckelberg to name only a few.A rootdigger features the area east of the Elbe river. The blog so far follows the family as far west as Uelzen. The Meyer family is well represented as one time residents of Radenbeck near Thomasburg. It covers the move to Neetzendorf and Eichdorf, Oldendorf by Nahrendorf and the Goehrde area. There will be many villages covered such as Sueschendorf, Ventschau, Duebbekold, Roethen, Barskamp, Dahlenburg, Bleckede, Breese. Weste and Gross Thondorf at Uelzen among others there.
It's definately not a blog to pass up.
It will hold clues to Winkelmann, Kothe, Heins, Meyerhof and a few other surnames of the Heins'family from Bergen, Celle.
just me jo

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Our Heins lived in Diesten, Nindorf, Siddernhausen, Muden, Creutzen bei Munster, Eichdorf, Oldendorf bei Nahrendorf

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In order to show location of my family line Heins, I am going to tell you where they lived briefly. I will try to make it clear by telling you who married whom. Now there is the basic 1 st generation Stammbaum Heins. Then we go down to 2nd generation to Juergen Heins or Heinss. On this page I show only this third generation of his two sons. Juergen and Peter. My family line follows Peter. It should be rather clear after that.
I hope you can see the places on the map. I put a little pointer on there for the starting point of Diesten.

1 Stammbaum Heins Bergen celle, Luneburg Stadt
11-((4) Juergen was born at Disten or Diesten.
00 1655 Bergen = 6 children Diesten
His frau Anna Straatmann of Eversen.
111 -(1) Juergen Heins [11- Juergen's son] -Diesten
Frau Cathrina Moileke
His son had five children at Diesten

111-(6)) Peter [ 11-Juergen son] * Diesten
frau #2 Anna Margareta Plesse of Enghusen 1 child born Diesten.
Frau #1 Anna Magdalena Hoijer or Houer of Sultze
1v-(3)) Juergen has 1 child born at Diesten.
00 Anna Brammer
v-(1)} Hans Juergen born *1772 at Nindorf 3 children
Frau Margaretha Elisabeth Graalheer[ maybe Bollerson]
v1-(3) Hans Henrich *8.04.1755 Nindorf
Frau Anna Catharina Koch of Belsen
Md. 10.11.1774 Bergen
11 Children * born at Siddernhausen
v11-(6)) Christoph Hinrich
* Siddernhausen.18.08.1792
Frau Cath. Dor. Winkelman of Sueltingen
5 childrens born Siddernhausen
v111-(3) Johann Heinrich *born Siddernhausen
Lived at Eichdorf, buried Nahrendorf
Frau Anna Maria Hencke from Kreutzen bei Munster.
1x-(1) Maria Dorothea *3. 06.1851 * Muden, Oertze = Fassberg ?
Lived Eichdorf and Oldendorf bei Nahrendorf
1x-(2) Heinrich *born unknown.
Lived Oldendorf. One Heins family member lived at Breese by Nahrendorf.

I have shown you Kreutzen bei Munster. Or you can go by the map label. Kreutzen Munster Soltau- Fallingbostel , Niedersachen. Besure to click on the - sign to give more area view.
Note: at Genealogy.net we must remember to look for names under Fallingbostel.

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After that scroll down to Muden. Notice Trauen. Notice Poitzen. Sueltingen is to the left of Kreutzen or Creutzen. I do not see it on the map.
Our Meyerhof and Bergen is south more. Much further south is Belsen. East is Hermansburg and Suelze.
You can go way east to Uelzen. Then more east, we have our area Elbe.
Ahh it feels like home.

Any questions, email me arootdigger2atgmail.com or comment.
The details of the tree is either below or you can find them at the right in the archives. It is the oldest ancestor first and then the descendents.

Sultingen Map | Germany Google Satellite Maps: "world -> Europe -> Germany -> Niedersachsen -> Luneburg -> Soltau-Fallingbostel -> Sultingen
Sultingen 3D map
Sultingen Map — Satellite Images of Sultingen
original name: Sültingen
geographical location: Soltau-Fallingbostel, Luneburg, Niedersachsen, Germany, Europe
geographical coordinates: 52° 56' 0' North, 10° 7' 0' East
detailed map of Sultingen and near places

Google Local — Sultingen mapWelcome to the Sultingen google satellite map! This place is situated in Soltau-Fallingbostel, Luneburg, Niedersachsen, Germany, its geographical coordinates are 52° 56' 0' North, 10° 7' 0' East and its original name (with diacritics) is Sültingen. See Sultingen photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Sultingen in Germany.
Imagery ©2008 TerraMetrics, Map data ©2008 Tele Atlas - Terms of Use
small map | medium sized map | large map

This map is informational only. No representation is made or warranty given as to its content. User assumes all risk of use. Maplandia.com assumes no responsibility for any loss or delay resulting from such use."

Interesting isn't it in this view. It's like a few black holes around those villages. Farmed? Taken in the spring? Probably it is black because it is the Luneburg Heath or Luneburger Heide region. The land is not like some other soils that are rich and black. This soil is sandy and not much will grow in it. In some areas it is Marshy. If hardly anything will grow, they raise sheep. And they let the beautiful Heath grow wild. To me it is nearly as good as the lavender of France regions. I guess you have to love variations of purple.

Now our area by the Elbe river. Oldendorf is a hop and a skip by Nahrendorf.

NAHRENDORF NIEDERSACHSEN GERMANY Geography Population Map City and cities coordinates location


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11.) Peter Heins Of Siddernhausen mit frau MOJELKEN of Hucksal

Maria Dorothea ( Heins ) Meyer Cont...

Eleven Kinder children - 11

--11 Kinder / Children Heins :

--11- (1) - HEINS, PETER.
* abt. 1632 in SIDDERNHAUSEN .
Number of children - 6 .
+ 29.03.1698 in Siddernhausen. Burial: Unknown BERGEN.
Age at death 66 est.
Married : 22. trin. 1657 in Bergen.
Note record: #1222
Number of children - 6.
+ Burial: unknown unknown .
Age of death ?
111 Kinder / Children
---111 - (1) - HEINS, Anna.
* 23.10.1661 in HUCKSAL.

---111 - (2) - HEINS, Heinrich.
* 1664 in HUCKSAL.
27.10.1687 in Bergen.
Note record: #1071 Siddernhuesen
* 28.06.1663 in SIDDERNHAUSEN .
+ 13.09.1728 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. Burial : BERGEN .
Age at death: 65.
Notiz : Vater Viet Timme
---111 - (3) - HEINS, PETER .
* 07.1667 in SITTERNHUSEN. ~ 07.1667 BERGEN.
Number of children - 1.
20.11.1694 in Bergen
-- ANNA TIMME. * Unknown in unknown.
Number of children:
----1v - (1) - HEINS, ANNA CATHRINA .
* 08.03.1698 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. ~ 10.03.1698 BERGEN.

---111 - (4) - HEINS, Hans.
* 05.09.1670 in SITTERNHUSEN. ~ 10.09.1670 BERGEN.
Married :
27.10.1693 in Bergen.
* Unknown in NINDORF.

---111 - (5) - HEINS, ILSE.
* 04.1673 in SITTERNHUSEN.

---111 - (6) - HEINS, HEINRICH.
* 29.10.1677 in BREDEBEK .
Married :
05.1708 n Bergen.
Note record # 1076
Notiz : v. Hans Brammer.

Note: Older names of villages are used for Bredebeck, Diesten , Siddernhausen. I am not sure if Sitternhusen is the same as Siddernhausen. I have been assuming that it is.
Sources: Data from Researcher Herr Fink of the Bergen Church with Archives Research. Information is on my copy of Excel Heins file on a Cd. I have births and Marriages. Not much on deaths.

11 - (2 ) Heins

Stammbaum Heins and 2nd son Peter HEINS

Maria Dorothea Heins (HEINZ)
Familien Family History

--11- (2 ) - HEINS, PETER
* Unknown in WARDBOEHMEN
Number of children: 6-
Married : 28.11.1667 in Bergen
Note record number [Excel] #1066
--Ist spouse OO
- Arends
verw, Jürgen Brammer

* Unknown in [WOHLDE]

Number of children : 6

Kinder / Children
---111 - (1) - HEINS, CASTEN
* 22.08.1668 in WARDBOHMEN
~ 02.09.1668 BERGEN

---111 - (2) - HEINS, PETER
* 09.01.1671 in WARDBOHMEN
~ 12.01.1671 BERGEN

---111 - (3)- HEINS, CATHARINA
* 11.03.1674 in WARDBOHMEN
~ .03.1674 Bergen

---111 - (4) - HEINS, JUERGEN
* 24.03..1679 in WARDBOHMEN
~04.1679 BERGEN

---111 - (5)- HEINS, MARLENA
* 22.08.1681 in WARDBOHMEN

---111 -(6)- HEINS, DIETERICH
* 23.09.1686 in WARDBOEHMEN
~ 29.06.1686 BERGEN
MARRIED : 27.11.1721 in Bergen
Note record # 1084 [Excel]
* 16.12.1683 in DISTEN
Note: Records states father is Han(ss).

Note: Older versions of villages. Disten = Diesten,.
Sources: Excel cd records from Herr Fink of Bergen Kries Celle
Church district Bergen kries Celle.

Note: I still need to find this orginal copy on my cd. Basically it is all here. I still would like to add to all this with sources shown as links. As time goes by.

Stammbaum Heins and Third son 11- Friederich Heins mit Anna Havermann.

Ancestors of

Maria Dorothea (Heins) MEYER


*Abt. 1628 in DISTEN.
Number of children 5.
+ 02.05.1694 in DISTEN. Burial: Unknown BERGEN.
Age at death: 66 est.
Married: 06.11.1656 in Bergen.

Note record # 1221 [Excel]
-- ANNA HAVERMANN. * Unknown in OFFEN.
Number of children: 5.
+ Unknown in unknown. Burial: Unknown .
Age of death: ?.

Kinder/ Children
---111 - (1) HEINS , MAGDALENA.
* 29.07.1662 in DISTEN.

---111- (2) - Tochter HEINS.
* 17.03.1667 in DISTEN.

---111 - (3) - HEINS, FRIEDERICH.
* 09.1669 in DISTEN.
Number of children: 1.
Married: 29.06.1711 in Munster
Note record # 1078 [Excel]
* Unknown in TOEPE.
Number of children: [1 shown]
Notiz: v. Hinrich v.d. Breling.
----1v - (1) - HEINS, HANS HINRICH.
* 03.06.1710 in DIESTEN. ~ 09.06.1710 BERGEN.

---111 - (4) - HEINS, HEINRICH.
* 08.1672 in DISTEN.
Number of children: 5 .
Married: Unknown in Bergen
-- NN.
Number of children: 5.
* 07.11.1708 DISTEN -?.
~ 09.11.1708 BERGEN.
Note : Vater is Hinrich.
----1v - (2) - HEINS, MARGARETA
*15.06.1712 in DISTEN. ~ 19.06.1712 BERGEN.
----1v - (3) - HEINS, JOHANN PETER.
* 19.08.1714 in DISTEN. ~ 24.08.1714 BERGEN.
Married : 24.11.1740 in Bergen
Note record # 1091 [Excel]
No. of children. Two correctly Identified and six maybes.
* Unknown in SELHOF.
Notiz : V. Ludolph Sulters from Gr. Hehlen.
* 1.5.1751 Diesten ~ 3.5.1751
*1753 Diesten ~ Bergen

----1v - (4) - HEINS, JUERGEN HINRICH.
* 14.02.1718 in DISTEN. ~ 17.02.1718 in DISTEN.
----1v - (5) - HEINS, AN DOROTHEA CLARA.
* 19.03.1720 in DISTEN. ~ 22.03.1720 BERGEN.

---111 - (5) - HEINS, ANNA.
* 03.1677 in DISTEN.
Note : Disten = Diesten
Sources : Herr Fink of Bergen church district, Celle. Excel files - Cd's. Births and Marriages of Heins in Bergen district, Kries Celle.

11 JUERGEN HEINS next ....continued...

Stammbaum Heins and Fourth son 11- Juergen Hein

ANCESTORS of Maria Dorothea ( Heins ) Meyer

--11- (4) - Heins, JUERGEN * Unknown in DISTEN.
Number of children: 6.
+ Unknown in unknown. Burial: Unknown unknown.
Age at death: ?.
Married: 1655 in Bergen.
Note record # [Excel]
Note : The marriage records stated that this Heins name was Heinss.*
Number of children: 6 .
+ Unknown in unknown. Burial: Unknown unknown.
Age of death: ?.
Kinder / children
---111 - (1) - HEINS, JUERGEN.
* 04.10.1662 IN DISTEN. ~ 08.10.1662 BERGEN.
Number of children: 5 .
Married: 04.09.1701 in Bergen.
Record # 1074 [Excel].
Number of children: 5.
Notiz: v. Hans Moileken.
1v Kinder / Children
----1v - (1) - HEINS, HANS JUERGEN.
* 28.10.1701 in DIESTEN. ~ 30.10.1701 BERGEN.
----1v - (2) - HEINS, FRIEDERICH.
* 16.03.1706 in DISTEN.
----1v - (3) - HEINS, ANNA CATHARINA.
* 16.03. 1706 in DISTEN.
----1v - (4) - HEINS, JOHANN HINRICH.
* 18.05.1709 in DISTEN. ~ 31.05.1709 BERGEN.
----1v - (5) - HEINS, MARIA .
* 30.08.1712 in DISTEN. ~ 02.09.1712 in BERGEN.

---111 - (2) - HEINS, ANNA.
* 12.1664 in DISTEN.
---111 - (3) - HEINS, ANNA .
* 05.03.1668 in DISTEN ~ 10.03.1668 BERGEN.
---111 - (4) - HEINS, CASTEN.
* 04.06.1671 in DISTEN. ~ 12.06.1671 BERGEN.
---111 - (5) - HEINS, MAGDALENE .
* 04.03.1675 in Diesten. ~ 10.03. 1675 BERGEN.
---111 - (6) - HEINS, PETER .
* Unknown in DIESTEN.
Number of children : 4.
Married : 23.10.1684 in Bergen.
Note record # 1070[Excel].
Notiz: v. Juergen Heins, + Heinrich Heins.?
*Unknown in SULTZE .
Number of children : 3.
----1v - (1) - HEINS, MARLENA .
* 05.04. 1704 in Disten. ~ 08.04.1704 BERGEN.
----1v - (2) - INFANT DEATH- HEINS.
* 5.04. 1704 in Disten.
Burial : unknown BERGEN.
----1v - (3) - HEINS, JUERGEN .
* 26.09.1698 in DIESTEN.
~ 02.10.1698 in BERGEN, Krs. Celle.
Number of children : 1.
Married: 06.02.1721 in BERGEN.
Note record # 1083 [Excel].
-- ANNA BRAMMER. * Unknown in unknown.
Note: Records state she was a widow of Johann Heins.
Number of children : 1
-----v - (1) - HEINS, HANS JUERGEN .
* 24.02.1722 in NINDORF. ~ 27.02.1722 BERGEN, Krs. Celle.
Number of children : 3.
Married: 28.10.1745 in Bergen.
Note record # 1093 [Excel].
Graalherrn in Wedding record.
* Unknown in unknown.
At time of Wedding, Bollersen was
mentioned as residence.
Number of children : 3
------v1 Kinder / Children
------v1 - (1) - HEINS, ANNA MARGRET .
* 06.02.1747 in Nindorf . ~ 08.02.1747
------v1 - (2) - HEINS, ILSABE CATHRINA .
* 19.03.1751 in NINDORF. ~ 21.03.1751 BERGEN.
------v1 - (3) - HEINS, HANS HEINRICH .
* 08.04.1755 In NINDORF. ~ 09.04.1755 BERGEN .
Married : 10.11.1774 in Bergen.
* 28.01.1758 IN BELSEN. ~ 30.01.1758 BERGEN,
+ 05.12.1842 ?
Number of children : 11
Notiz: v. Hans Koch of Belsen .
-------v11 - (1) - Stillborn sohn HEINS.
* 02.12.1781 Siddernhausen. ~ Bergen
-------v11 - (2) - HEINS, JOHANN HINRICH.
* 01.6.1783 Siddernhausen.
~04.6.1783 Bergen.
-------v11 - (3) - HEINS, CASTIN HINRICH.
* 01.12.1785 Siddernhausen.
~04.12.1785 Bergen.
-------v11 - (4) - HEINS, HANS HENRICH.
* 22.04.1788 Siddernhausen.
~24.04.1788 Bergen.
-------v11 - (5) - HEINS, PETER HENRICH.
* 25.08.1789 Siddernhausen.
~27.08.1789 Bergen.
-------v11 - (6) - HEINS, CHRISTOPH HINRICH.
* 18.08.1792 Siddernhausen.
~ 20.08.1792 Bergen.
Married : 27.11.1818.
Note record # 1139 [Excel].
Number of children : 5.
* Unknown in Sültingen.
Married : 27.11.1818 in BERGEN.
Number of children : 5.
d: Unknown in unknown.
Burial : Unknown unknown.
Age of death: ?
Kinder / Children -5.
--------v111 - (1) - HEINS, CHRISTOPH HEINRICH.
* 16.09.1819 Siddernhausen.
~18.09.1819 Bergen.
--------v111 - (2) - HEINS, HEINRICH FRIEDRICH.
* 11.01.1821 Siddernhausen.
~ 14.01.1821 Bergen.
--------v111 - (3) - HEINS, JOHANN HEINRICH.
* 05.03.1823 SIDDERNHAUSEN.
~ 09.03.1825 Bergen.
Number of children 2.
+ 19.09.1904 in EICHDORF.
b: Nahendorf Burial: 22.09.1904 NAHRENDORF.
Age at death: 81.
Occupation: Imke.
* 1825 in KREUTZEN.
b: Munster.
Married : 1845 in Bergen ?
Number of children : 2 .
Burial: Unknown Nahrendorf.
Age at death: ?
---------1x - (?) - HEINS, CATHARINE ?
+08.02.1932 in Koehlingen b. Tosterglope
Burial: 11.02.1932
Age at death 86 est.
Notiz: She could be an error.
---------1x - (1) - HEINS, MARIA DOROTHEA.
* 03.06.1851 Müden, Oertze
+ Iowa [see link -aroot digger]
+ Iowa, USA
Notiz: v. Juergen Friedrich Meyer

+USA. Iowa
Lived Oldendorf/Nahrendorf
---------1x - (2) - HEINS, HEINRICH
Lived Oldendorf, Nahrendorf
Married :

* 02.06.1825 in SIDDERNHAUSEN
~ 06.06.1825 BERGEN,Krs, Celle
Notiz von Creutzen
b: Unknown in DOHNSEN
M : 18.11.1847 in Bergen
Notiz v. Johann Hch. Kothe
--------v111 - (5) - HEINS, CATHRINA MARIA
* 04.11. 1827 in SIDDERNHAUSEN
~ 07.11.1827 BERGEN,Krs. Celle
Married : 16.03.1845 in Bergen
Notize von Carsten Heinrich Hohls .

-------v11 - (7) - HEINS, JUERGEN HINRICH.
* 13.03.1796 Siddernhausen.
~14.03.1796 Bergen.
-------v11 - (8) - HEINS, ILSE CATHARINA.
* 04.03.1797 Siddernhausen.
~04.03.1797 Bergen.
-------v11 - (9) - HEINS, ANNA MARLENA.
* 04.03.1797 Siddernhausen.
~04.03.1799 Bergen.
-------v11 - (10) - HEINS, ANNA MARIA.
* 29.06.1798 Siddernhausen.
~01.7.1798 Bergen.
-------v11 - (11) - HEINS, HANS PETER.
* 15.12.1799 Siddernhausen.
~ 16.12.1799 Bergen.
+18.10.1869 in unknown
Burial: Unknown unknown
Age of death: 69

----1v - (2) - HEINS, MARLENA .
* 05.04. 1704 in Disten. ~ 08.04.1704 BERGEN.
----1v - (3) - INFANT DEATH- HEINS.
* 5.04. 1704 in Disten.
Burial : unknown BERGEN.


Married: 22:11.1714 Bergen.
* Unknown in ENGHUSEN.
Notiz: v. Carsten Plesse.
Married : 22:11.1714 Bergen.
Record # 1081 [Excel.
Number of children : 1.
----1v - (1) - HEINS, HANS JUERGEN.
* 21.09.1716 in DISTEN.
~ 25.09.1716 BERGEN.

Sources : Excel cd and cd tree from Herr Fink. He is at the Bergen church district of Celle. He supplied basic tree and complete records of Heins. I had to put the rest together. Errors are entirely possible.
Note : Juergen Heins on this page is the forefather to Maria Dorothea Heins Meyer.

Work in progress.

11- ( 5) - HANS HEINS Continued...

Stammbaum HEINS: Fifth and Sixth son and Daughter Trine


Maria Dorothea ( Heins ) Meyer

--11 - (5) - HEINS, HANS.
* Unknown in Belsen.
Number of children 1.
+ Unknown. Burial: Unknown. Bergen
Age at death: ?.
--NN. b: Unknown.
m: Unknown in Bergen.
Number of child 1.
+ Unknown. Burial: Unknown. Age at death ?.
Kinder / Children
---111 - (1) - HEINS, MAGDALENE.
* 04.09.1664 in BELSEN. ~ 13.09.1664.BERGEN

--11 - (6) - HEINS, MICHEL.
b: Unknown.
Number of children 1.
---111 - (1) - HEINS, HANS.
* 29.09.1665 in NINDORF. ~ 09.10.1665 BERGEN.
Number of children 5.
m: 30.11.1708 n Bergen. Number of children 3.
Notiz: v. Casten Rodehorst.
Kinder / Children
----1v - (1) - HEINS, ANNA ILSA.
* 20.11. 1709 in NINDORF. ~ 24.11.1709 BERGEN.
----1v - (2) - HEINS, CASTEN.
* 19.12.1711 in NINDORF. ~ 20.12. 1711 BERGEN.
----1v - (3) - INFANT DEATH HEINS.
* 19.02.1715 in NINDORF. Burial: Unknown in BERGEN.
Married: Unknown in Bergen
-- NN. Number of children 2
----1v - (1) - HEINS, HANS.
* 12.11.1698 in NINDORF. ~ 16.11.1698 BERGEN.
Married: Bergen
* Unknown in BELSEN.
Notiz: v. Cristian Elers.
* 25.04.1703 in NINDORF. ~ 29.04.1703 BERGEN.

--11 - (7 ) - HEINS, TRINE .
* Unknown in BEKEDORF
Number of children 1
---111 - (1) - HEINS, HANS.
* 08.1667 in BEKEDORF


Generation two -Heins: Dieterich, Han[ss],


Maria Dorothea ( Heins ) Meyer

--11 - (8) - HEINS, DIETERICH.
* Unknown in BERGEN
Number of children 2.
---111 - (1) - HEINS, ANNA.
* 29.07.1668 in BERGEN. ~ 03.08.1668 BERGEN.
---111 - (2) - HEINS, HEINRICH.
* 29.02.1672 in BERGEN. ~ 10.03.1672.
Number of children 2.
--NN. m: in Bergen. Number of children 2 .
----1v - (1) - HEINS, HANS DIETERICH.
* 15.04.1713 in BERGEN. ~ 19.02.1713 BERGEN.
----1v - (2) - HEINS, HINRICH.
* 29.02.1716 in BERGEN . ~ 04.03.1716 BERGEN.

--11 - (9) - HEINS, HAN [SS] [Hanß].
Unknown in DOHNSEN. Number of children 2.
+ Unknown in unknown. Burial: Unknown in Bergen .
Age of death: ?.
-- NN. b: Unknown in Unknown .
m: Unknown in Bergen.
Number of children 2.
+ unknown in unknown. Burial: Unknown unknown.
Age of death: ?.
---111 - (1) - HEINS, PETER.
* 17.04.1682 in DOHNSEN. + Unknown in unknown.
---111 - (2) - HEINS, CASTEN.
* 04.05.1684 in DOHNSEN Kries Celle.
Number of children 5.
+ unknown in unknown. Burial: Unknown.
Age at death: ?
-- NN. b: Unknown in unknown
m: unknown in Bergen. Number of children:5.
----1v - (1) - HEINS, ANNA ILSA .
* 14.04.1706 in DOHNSEN. ~ 18.04.1706 BERGEN.
----1v - (2) - HEINS, HANS.
* 28.09. 1707 in DOHNSEN. ~ 02.10.1707 BERGEN.
----1v - (3) . HEINS, CATHARINA
* 25.09.1714 in DOHNSEN. ~ 29.09.1714 BERGEN.
* 20.07.1716 in DOHNSEN . ~ 24.07.1716 BERGEN.
----1v - (5) - HEINS, HINRICH.
* 12.07.1718 in DOHNSEN. ~ 7.07.1718 BERGEN.

--11 - (10) - HEINS, HINRICH.

Hinrich Heins, Juergen Hanss Heins, with Arens, Hohls, and Ties surnames


Maria Dorothea ( Heins ) Meyer

1 STAMMBAUM HEINS Eleven Kinder / Children - 11

--11 - ( 10) - HEINS, HINRICH.
* Unknown in SIDDERNHAUSEN .
Number of children: 6 .
-- NN. Number of children 6.
---111 - (1) - HEINS, HINRICH.
* 08.07.1688 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. ~ 09.07.1688 BERGEN.
Number of children 2.
* Unknown in DOHNSEN.
m: 29.10
Notiz : v. Hans Arens.
----1v - (1)- HEINS, HANS.
* 17.09.1715 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. ~ 20.09.1715 BERGEN.
----1v - (2) - HEINS, JOHANN PETER.
* 29.04.1718 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. ~ 01.05.1718 BERGEN.
---111 - (2 ) - HEINS, MAGDALENA.
* 05.02.1692 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. ~ 07.02.1692 BERGEN.
---111 - (3) - HEINS, PETER.
* 20.02.1694 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. ~ 22.01.1694 BERGEN.
* 10.12.1698 in DOHNSEN.
m: 14.11.1727 in Bergen
Notiz: v. Hohls.
---111 - (4) - HEINS, ANNA DOROTHEA .
* 27.07.1701 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. ~ 31.07.1701 BERGEN.
---111 - (4) - INFANT DEATH- SON- HEINS.
* 09.02.1704 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. Burial: Unknown BERGEN.
---111 - (5) - HEINS, HINRICH .
* 12.09.1712 in SIDDERNHAUSEN. ~ 17.091712 BERGEN.
-- CATRINA TIES-? * Unknown in HAGEN.
m: 30.10.1732 in Bergen.
Notiz : v. Carsten Ties .

--11 - (11) - HEINS, JUERGEN HAN [SS].
* Unknown in DOHNSEN. Number of children: 1.
---111 - (1) - HEINS, ILSEBE.
* 19.06.1691 in Dohnsen. ~ 20.06.1691 BERGEN.

Still some missing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Genealogy of the Heins in the Meyer familie family

Heins information.
Perhaps we should start today with Maria Dorothea (Heins) Meyer.

vater: Johann Heinrich Heins

Mutter: Anna Maria Hencke

It is best to start with church documents to verify the birth. I believe these below came from Dahlenburg and Nahrendorf archives.

~ Personenstammblatt Mandant : 00-Boitze

V: 3 07.10.94


HEINS, Johann Heinrich (M) ev

* 05.03.1823 Bergen Kr. Celle

~ ?.03.1823 Bergen Kr. Celle

+ 19.09.1904 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf

± 22.09.1904 Nahrendorf

Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister der ev.-luth.

Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf

Nr. 24/1904 Heins, Johann Heinrich,

Ehemann, lmker in Eichdorf,

* gestorben in Eichdorf am 19.IX.1904,

begr. 22. September 1904 in Nahrendorf,

81 Jahre, 6 Monate und 14 Tage,

geboren in Bergen bei Celle am 5.111.1823.

Beruf : lmker in Eichdorf

1. Ehe : 1845 (U) Muden, Oertze = Fassberg

HENCKE, Anna Maria (F) ev

* 1825 (U) Kreutzen = Trauen bei Munster, Ortze,

? 1825 (U) Muden, Ortze = Fassberg

+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf

± Nahrendorf

1. Kind HEINS, Catharine (M) ev

1846 (R) Kreutzen = Trauen bei Munster,

Ortze 1846 (R) Muden, Oertze = Fassberg

+ 08.02.1932 (U) Kohlingen = Tosterglope

± 11.02.1932 Nahrendorf

Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister der ev.-luth.

Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf

Nr / -geb. Heins, Catharine, Wwe. zu Kohlingen,

86 Jahre, begr. 11. Februar [193] Nahrendorf.

2. Kind HEINS. Maria Dorothea - ev.-Luth.

Kreutzen = Trauen bei Munster, Oertze

* ?.06.1851

+ Oldendorf Nahrendorf

± Nahrendorf Februar

GENprofi Familienforschung


We Know that Maria Dorothea Heins died in Iowa. She was buried beside her husband, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer.

According to the Meyer Book, she had a brother Heinrich Heinz or Heins. The Meyer book liked to call her Heinz. The church book of St. Peters [at area of Farnhamville, Calhoun county in Iowa] called her Heins.

Later after receiving the above document, I submitted another question to the Nahrendorf Church volunter researcher of the archives. After this, I received another letter, which stated that the information about Catherine Heins [mentioned above,] was a mistake. I can't help but wonder whose family she really does belong. Someday, I hope I can find that out.
Questions, ask arootdiggeratgmail.com

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Links to Links That Come in Handy With Genealogy Diggings:

I particularly like this link. It has useful information. The photos appear to be gorgeous, at the same time one is learning from her critique that comes with them.
~ Shades Of The Departed ~

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Genealogy about William Meyer's Church Records from Nahendorf

Personenstammblatt V:3
Mandant : 00-Boitze 07.10.94

MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 07.10.1843 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ ?.10.1843 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 32/ 1843 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
V.: Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Haeusler in Eichdorf,
M.: Katharine Margarethe geb. Luhmann,
Geb. d. 7. Octbr. Morgens 6 1/2 Uhr. get. d. 15.ejusd.
Taufz. :
1.) Johann Heinrich Seil, Hauswirth in Brese,
2.) Juergen Heinrich Luhmann, Hauswirth in Eichdorf,
3.) Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Schulz, Hauswirth in Schutschur

+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf

1. Ehe :
~~20.07.1873 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Trauregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 8/1873
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
unverehelichter Dienstknecht aus Horn,
Parochie Dahlenburg, geb. den 7.
October 1843 zu Eichdorf,
Eltern: Hauswirth und Parkwaerter
Juergen Friedrich Meyer zu Roethen
un dessen Ehefrau Katharina Margaretha geb Luhmann,
mit Heins, Maria Dorothea, unverehelichte Paechterstochter
zu Oldendorf, geb. den 3. Juni 1851 zu Creutzen,
Eltern: Paechter Johann Heinrich Heins zu Oldendorf
und dessen Ehefrau Anna Maria geb. Hencke.
Aufgeboten den 13. u. 20. Juli 1873
zu Nahrendorf aund Dahlenburg, getr. den
zwanzigsten Juli 1873 zu Nahrendorf.

HEINS, Maria Dorothea (F) ev
* 03.06.1851 Kreutzen = Trauen bei Munster, Oertze
~ ??.06.1851

+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
+ Nahrendorf

1. Kind MEYER, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 28.09.1873 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 05.10.1873 Nahrendorf
Auszug au sem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengeimeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 37/ 1873 Oldendorf
Meyer, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm, geb. achtundzwanzigsten
September, Vormittags elf Uhr, get. 5. Oktober 1873.
Eltern: Diensteknecht Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer
zu Horn und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea
geborene Heins zu Oldendorf.
1.) Paechter Johann Juergen Werner zu Oldendorf,
2.) Paechtersshohn Heinrich Wilhelm Heins daselbst.

2. Kind MEYER, Anna Marie Elise (F) ev
* 03.10.1875 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 17.10.1875 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 50/1875
Meyer, Anna Marie Elise, geb. den dritten October,
Morgens zehn Uhr.
Eltern: Haeusler Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer
und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins
zu Oldendorf, get. den 17. October 1875.
1.) Wilhelmine Marie Elisabeth Winkelmann,
Koethners Tochter in Nahrendorf.
2.) Anna Auguste Elise Meyer,
Parkwaerterstochter in Roethen,
3.) Anna Marie Louise Luhmann,
Hauswirthstochter in Eichdorf.

3. Kind MEYER, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha (F) ev
* 12.01.1880 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 21.01.1880 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 3/1880
Meyer, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha, geb. 12. Januar 1880,
get. 21. Januar,
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geb. Heins.
1.) Wilhelmine Lyssmann geb. Meyer, Haeusler in Oldendorf.
2.) Elisabeth Warnecke geb. Lyssmann, Haeuslerfrau in Oldendorf.

4. Kind MEYER, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann (M) ev.
* 27.04.1881 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 08.05.1881 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 24/1881
Meyer, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann,
geb. 27. April 1881, get. 8. Mai 1881.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
Haeusler in Oldendorf
und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Heinrich Heins, Bienenzuechter in Breese.
2.) Johann Friedrich Wolter, Hauswirth in Oldendorf.

5. Kind MEYER, Otto Karl Heinrich (M) ev
* 26.09.1882 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 18.10.1882 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 44/ 1882
Meyer, Otto Karl Heinrich, geb. 26. September 1882,
get. 18. October.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Luhmann, Altentheiler in Sueschendorf,
2.) Wilhelm Bagung, Haeusler in Oldendorf.

6. Kind MEYER, Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 08.01.1884 Oldendorf + Nahrendorf
~ 10.01.1884 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 3/1884
Meyer, Heinrich Wilhlem, geb. 8. Januar 1884,
get. 10. Januar.
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geborene Heins.
1.) Johann Wolter, Hauswirth in Oldendorf,
2.) Wilhelm Klug, Koethner in Oldendorf.

As descendents we know that William had more children in Iowa. More than a dozen.

Herman and William - fourth born and 1st born children went by third name.

The family left their home in February 1884 to go to Hamburg to emigrate to USA. It must have been too much for little baby Henry. I think he was buried in Iowa. I will have to double check that. At one time I thought he might have died on the ship.

Notice Heins and Seil in Brese and Breese. I think the Heinrich Wilehlm Heins is the brother of the mother. Just by a comment made by Sylvia and Herman Henry one day. They mentioned beekeepers and Herman mentioned something about his godfather as a beekeeper.

Were their two Heins sons or just the same one being god father twice.? ? Perhaps a uncle??

Also their was Warnecke in with the Heins family at Muden.

I find the name Werner of interest. And the name Wolter.

This is the only place I have seen the name Lyssman in connection with the Meyer or Heins family.

I have seen the name Lusmann in Iowa.??

I have not seen the name Anna Mary Louise Luhmann before? She could have a maiden surname.??

And the name Schulz could be a cousin to William Meyer. His aunt Luhmann married Schulz in Schutschur.

There were also Schulz living at Oldendorf. Which I will point out, when I show you some people, who were land holders at Oldendorf. Also Klug.

It is funny how the name get reversed. Sometimes the children are called by the third name given. That was the case with first born Johann Heinrich Wilhelm he was called William He died
May 14, 1952.
No.2 child Anna Mary kept that. She died mrch 21, 1969. 00 Bennett [Illinois].
No.3 child Otto Albert born and died 1877 according to Meyer Book records.
No4 child Mary Wilhelmina Bertha remained Mary. Died Dec. 14.1962. 00 Nahnsen [Iowa].
No.5 child Herman Henry Friedrich. Third name again. March 5, 1967. 00 Seil [Minnesota].
No.6 child Henry William born in January and died after coming to USA. Perhaps took sick aboard the ship.
No.7 child Frieda Mary Louise *May 3, 1885. 00 Nahnsen [Iowa.]
No.8 child Emma Mary Elizabeth * August 31, 1886 00 Cain, and Dean.
No.9 child Wilhelmina Anna Mary "Minnie" September 24, 1888 00 Stolley [Iowa and Minnesota].
No.10 child Fred Henry August January 27, 1890 + Oct.1.1914 Appendicts burst Iowa.
00 His wife adopted a child called Robert and she remarried.
No.11 child Louise Ella Alvina * August 4, 1891 + Nov.9, 1909.
No.12 child Infant son *Feb. 5, 1893 + Feb.5,1893.
No.13 child Lilly Emma Louise Feb. 25, 1895 00 Carter [all over usa].

I would like to cover each child with husband or wife later.


I would like to show you this obit of Juergen Heinrich William Meyer.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Meyer Genealogist Digs into the Game and Forest of the Goehrde

I found this picture post card on the internet a long time ago. I think it was on ebay. But I am not entirely sure. It does give one a good picture of the area that Juergen Friedrich Meyer was working as a game warden.

I am sure his children learned alot from their fathers occupation. I think it helped Friedrich have the courage to go to america at such a young age. He probably knew how to hunt and do anything in that survival need. Especially when he set up his household in Greene county, Iowa.
Here is a link or two from google search about the Hunting that was reserved for Kings.

A Dig into the Meyer and Seil Treasures of Sunnyslope Farm

The old vase from the Meyer household cupboard. This is a special treat for it holds the old counrty flowers with the name Queen Anns Lace. Actually it is wild carrot. It contains in the center so pretty, the flower called Rose of Sharon. I post that for my dear Daughter. It is not blue, but pretty all the same. I shall find the promised blue version soon. Her encouraging ways are so wonderful to have at my midlife. And the final flower in this treasured vase that which was once a gift, when I took the trip to Greene and Calhoun county, Iowa. I had a splendid time with dear Berniece Jaeschke and her family. I not only took this Rose campion and another plant back, I learned something too. I learned about what great reunions one can have, if one sets the mind to it. Did I not, Berniece. Also, I am really glad your enjoying the pink rose from the farm that I gave you. If your reading this, read this.
Thanks Berniece for all you did for me.

I do believe that the gray sets off the picture very nicely. It was a success well worth the frantic crawl around the road as it was going to rain any minute. I was quick inspite of batteries threating to be drained. The same day I had to cut off the last of the summers Light Pink Rose, which I used for the photo below. It was a very successful day and fun at the same time.

A Dig into the Seil and Meyer Genealogy at Sunnyslope Farm

Herman and Annie (Seil) Meyer moved away from Fahnhamville church group to get a life of their own in Minnesota. They had married 18.January.1911 in Farnhamville, Iowa.

They were happy to be building a new beginning at Sunnyslope farm. Now I do not know if they picked that name themselves or if it already belonged to the farm, when they moved on to it.

After the research into this marriage, I got an inkling of her mother's origination. The records said Elisabeth of Gross Thondorf. Gross Thondorf is in the county of Himbergen kries Uelzen.

I have a good deal more to share with you about Elisabeth Seil's family, the mother of Annie Seil. Just a brief background will be fine for now. Annie was born 23. January.1893 in Farnhamville, Iowa. I still have her records to get from the church about her babtism and what ever information is available about her birth. I had made a trip down to this area of Iowa, which was about three or four years ago. The records are now kept at an archive area. I wasn't able to get anything from the church at that time. I am still planning on going back to get information.

Her mother had arrived by notice or no notice to see August Seil while 'with child', carrying Annie at the time in 1892. I have found this ships passage with a passenger lists, etc to be shared in a little while. The mother of Elisabeth Seil was a Korn. According to church records from the Himbergen area and from Dahlenburg church archives ( which I will share again in abit) the birth of Elisabeth and August Wilhelm Seil departure may have happened the same year. I believe he immigrated to USA about 1873 or 1875. The reason he said why he left was because there was 'some kind of an affair'.

The family of Seil and Jaeschke.

This is what I have been told by someone of the family who was told this by the stepbrother of Annie, William Jaeschke.

What we have found solely is the little I can share now. Later I will share birth records from Dahlenburg and other church records at Himbergen, Uelzen.

August Friedrich William Seil came to America around 1873 or 1875. We have found his naturalization process at Joliet in Will county, Illinois. It was finalized in 1880. Then he moved to Greene county, Iowa and married Anna Fogel or Vogel. He must have stated that this was his first marriage. Perhaps it was annuled. His license for marriage stated that it was his first marriage.

I was able to obtain records at Dahlenburg of his birth and babtism. That and his parents names were all that I was sent. I have since asked if there were more names of brothers and sisters, but as usual no answer. [ it often takes a full year.] I suppose I need to write to the church and send along a little incentive. I have a few more details that I can share about this family and the Korn family. Later of course.

After awhile after giving birth to Annie, Elisabeth Seil married. Somehow, they decieded to let August and Anna raise Annie so Gustav Jaeschke and Elisabeth could have a good start together. Which they did.

August and Anna moved up to Minnesota after the newly married couple Herman and Annie Meyer. They built a wing on to the house for Anna and William. I often wonder how they arranged the living matters of work and everything else.

It wasn't long after August and Annie moved to Minnesota that Elisabeth died. She died shortly after her last child Charlotte was born. There were several young children yet to be raised. So the Seil family and the Meyer family had the little ones come to live with them. I imagine that they moved back and forth between Iowa and Minnesota. There is a little more about those children that I would like to go into at another time, because it involves the Rowe, Cummings family and again the Meyer family. I recently obtained more information about them from several emails. Which is always good.

Witness to the arrangement of the family under one roof in Minnesota was a woman by name Amanda Walker. She later married Lyle Meyer, the eldest son of Herman and Annie. Amanda helped with the house work and cooking before she married Lyle. She told a few stories to her children, who have also shared some of those stories with me.

Annie and Herman seemed to have made quite a life for themselves. Herman was on the school board for the local country school. I think he and Annie were both involved. After his death his son took over the position as treasurer at the Fieldon country school. According to the census one year they took in a teacher boarder. Annie was involved in the local 4H chapter. Many local residents have mentioned working with Annie as a youngster in 4-H.

William Seil was able to grow his grapes and garden. His wife Anna and grandaughter, Annie often were said to have painted pictures. One story has been told that Amanda Meyer took up number painting. I think she also tried her hand at Rosemaling. She gave the reason that she knew that some others in the family [probably Annie and Anna] were so good at it, she wanted to learn a little herself. I know that her daughter had great penmanship and did well with caligraphy and old script. She also seemed to have inherited the artistic talent and a good hand at putting words down, in a way that others would like to read them. I have often wished she could help me here with my writing.

I mentioned once about the son of Herman Meyer being called ' the Duke' by a man who possibly might have been Herman Jaeschke. He had lived for a time at the Meyer/ Seil household and must have gone to school with Dwight and Lyle Meyer.

Dwight worked the farm. Herman suffered a stroke at middle age. He was tall and a bit thick at the stomach. In those days one rested after heart problems. He drew up papers that said his son was to manage the farm.

Lyle helped with the Service station at the five and ten Mile corner. Which was about three or four miles from their home. In the middle of nowhere , of course. Now it is a clover leaf section of a highway. Lyle also worked at the Game Farm, which was a mile as the crow flies from Herman's home. I think the family was proud of this mostly because of the Meyer roots back at Roethen, when Juergen Friedrich Meyer was a game [Waerten] Warden.
Other evidence of family roots repetiton was the raising of sheep. The thought that they came from a family of shepherds. That makes it somehow a natural thing to do, to raise sheep on the grasslands of Minnesots.
Somewhere is evidence of shoemakers in the family. I haven't found the name with this occupation in any church records. I guess finding that fact will take some time with digging into the past. So how do I know that? Once when I was small and it was getting to be time to go off to school, there was talk about my bad looking shoes. It must have been one of their lean or poor farming income years. You know, due to the result of bad crops. They were talking about fixing them. I remember a trip we took going down to Iowa to see, if someone they knew there could fix my shoes. { I wish I could remember who it was] The first thing I remember now after that trip, was Herman Henry in his work shop in the basement with his various vice grips. He was getting ready to fix my shoes. He said in a knowing voice which may have been a determined voice. "I should be able to I come from a family of shoe makers." No one ever pointed out to me that those shoes looked a little odd. They really looked fine to me. So he did a very good job, a man from a line of shoe makers.
That closet held many clues to the past of the Meyer family.
The only other thing I remember was that was when I started to read stories about brownies, who fixed things during the night. And also stories about cobblers, who fixed shoes. I found a little Grimm brothers fable book in ' the special closet' I had with Meyer keepsakes of my dads. He saw that I had it and I was warned to be careful with it. It was based on german folk tales. Written by Grimm brothers.
Another source on information I have had on the family. Is the one main source on the surnames of this family. That has can come from Berniece Jaeschke. I imagine she has done genealogy nearly all of her life, especially before it became easier over the internet. She has been a great teacher in the art of genealogy. The skill I have not entirely mastered as of yet.

And for information about the Vogel/ Seil family, one cannot forget that Tom got me started in the area of Greene and Calhoun Iowa. and Genealogy in general. I believe he did his within a year. Through him, I was able to get many church records printed out about the St. Peters church at Farnhamville. After that, suddenly the church book about the centenial celebration that I had acquired from Heman's' things made sense to me.

Once you begin to sort the roots of the past a good deal of the present make sense. It is almost as good as the little saying I like to toot to people now and then: "If you don't know where you have been how will you know where your going." And that probably only makes sense to me.
a rootdigger

Monday, June 30, 2008

Genealogy of the Heins and Meyer Family

Descendants of grampa Willy Meyer and Maria Dorothea Heins [Heinz]. A Prize given to those who can identify each person from left to right.

Look at the noses! Did you ever seen so many the same all in one family.
Those owners of the noses in the family should be William, Herman, Fred, Henry, Mary (Nahnsen), Anna (Bennett), Frieda (Nahnsen), Lily (Carter), Minnie (Stolley), Emma (Dean, Cains), Otto, and Louise.

This is one of the families that made up the colony which attended the St. Peters church of Farnhamville in Calhoun county, Iowa. Several people have told me this and I have based my research on that family story.

This little family story was the roots of my research. It has been quite a journey to dig to the roots of this massive tree. There was a time, though that it seemed to be just a little sapling. The years in America has given it many years of widespread growth. At the risk being trite I'll say that it has many branches.

If your reading this, your probably relation to this group. Your one of the branches and that makes me pretty happy. You found me or you got the address from the grapevine. You probably know more about this group than I do. In that case, I do hope you will email me with your addition that I can include. Or just private stories are fine too. I would like to collect everything I can on those involved with this family, as well. I hope you will email me, anyway with your questions and hints sggestions. If you plan on using my information or pictures [ you probably have some of your own already] I hope you will let me know of that as well. Most of all maybe email me just to stop, and say Hi.

Those surnames [and all their variations] from Iowa and Minnesota you might be involved with are these:

Nahnsen, Carstensen, Naefke, Saucke, Schroeder, Kanning, Seil, Mosel, Subbert, Ahrens, Bennett, Carter, Dean, Martin, Gollwitzer, Schenk, Michels, Rieckens, Matthews, Stolle, Stille, Koenig, Fehring, Cains, Wieland, Grote, Rose, Werner, Luhman, Hansen, Husby, Wilder, Lusman, Kuhlman, Dohrman, Vogel, Dennis, Jaeschke, Cummings, Leonard, Rowe, Nowack, Sorenson, Petersen, Roper, Sperry, Schenck, Schmobel, Schmoble.

I will add to this to be sure. I have drawn a blank at the moment. If you have thought of more, you think I will leave out let me know and I will add them in. Eventually it should fill a page. As I explore the family I think there will be many pages, I hope.

Before I cover what I know in Iowa and Minnesota, I think we should go back in time with William and Mary Meyer familie. Much of the family is already covered in the Meyer book that some of your families already possess. Later, I should cover that book too. Some of you who do not own the book. Or aunt Clara has it way out in New york or California, and it can't be shared at this time. Rest easy it will be covered. Just not at this moment.

To cover William and Mary Heins (Heinz)entirely, I suppose we really need to start with the seed. The Begining. We could start with Radenbeck and Thomasburg, but that is on my other genealogy blog about Meyer. I will cover the family as it began at Eichdorf and Oldendorf by the Nahrendorf church. I would like to cover the Heins background because a good many of you even with the Meyer book are not aware of her background. It depends on which grapevine you frequent, I think. I want to more or less give a background of the Heins family. Then maybe come back to Iowa roots and work more there.

I have a great deal of information to share about William and Mary. I hope to cover her family going all the way back to Kreutzen, where she was born. And then journey into the area of Siddernhausen where, I have discovered the tip of the roots to be lodged there. The roots mingle with all the other roots of those who have been at Siddernhausen and surrounding villages. I would like to list a few of these before we move on to another page.

Diesten, Bleckmar, Hermansburg, Twisselhop, Sulze, Bostelwiebeck, Hassel, Huxhal, Belsen. I will edit and fill in more later.

Ahh. I did forget the very important one. Nahh. Not really. I saved the important root lodging deep down of the family named Dagefoerde in Dageforde. Many variations of this surname and village. Many ways our family Heins mixed and mingled amongst their roots and the others tangled between them.

I will name a few for starters and fill in more as I take more time on another full page on another day.

Brase, Koch, Winkelman, Stradtman, Gralheer, Hohls, Meyerhof[f], Brookman, Evers, Arens.

I discovered the family by accident. One day a grandfather of the Meyer family had a visitor. For some reason that visitor kept calling his son " the duke". I tried to find out by asking my siblings why did he call him that. Not until much later in time did I find out why he was called that. My brothers all said it was a nickname because of John Wayne the movie star of his day. It could have been a good reason, but it wasn't.

Well really, family, I can't finish that story today. Someday, maybe you can subscribe to my posting and whichwill make it easier for you to keep track of my up dates. [When I get the details of the feeds all worked out.] I have covered a lot today, I think. From a posting of family Meyer photo, a short introduction of background on Meyer in Iowa, gathering up all those surnames, hints of the background of the mother Heins. Gosh, I have worked up an appetite, so I'll have to quit for now. I promise to finnish with the little story about the 'Meyer called Duke'. So I'll be back soon with more.