Monday, June 30, 2008

Genealogy of the Heins and Meyer Family

Descendants of grampa Willy Meyer and Maria Dorothea Heins [Heinz]. A Prize given to those who can identify each person from left to right.

Look at the noses! Did you ever seen so many the same all in one family.
Those owners of the noses in the family should be William, Herman, Fred, Henry, Mary (Nahnsen), Anna (Bennett), Frieda (Nahnsen), Lily (Carter), Minnie (Stolley), Emma (Dean, Cains), Otto, and Louise.

This is one of the families that made up the colony which attended the St. Peters church of Farnhamville in Calhoun county, Iowa. Several people have told me this and I have based my research on that family story.

This little family story was the roots of my research. It has been quite a journey to dig to the roots of this massive tree. There was a time, though that it seemed to be just a little sapling. The years in America has given it many years of widespread growth. At the risk being trite I'll say that it has many branches.

If your reading this, your probably relation to this group. Your one of the branches and that makes me pretty happy. You found me or you got the address from the grapevine. You probably know more about this group than I do. In that case, I do hope you will email me with your addition that I can include. Or just private stories are fine too. I would like to collect everything I can on those involved with this family, as well. I hope you will email me, anyway with your questions and hints sggestions. If you plan on using my information or pictures [ you probably have some of your own already] I hope you will let me know of that as well. Most of all maybe email me just to stop, and say Hi.

Those surnames [and all their variations] from Iowa and Minnesota you might be involved with are these:

Nahnsen, Carstensen, Naefke, Saucke, Schroeder, Kanning, Seil, Mosel, Subbert, Ahrens, Bennett, Carter, Dean, Martin, Gollwitzer, Schenk, Michels, Rieckens, Matthews, Stolle, Stille, Koenig, Fehring, Cains, Wieland, Grote, Rose, Werner, Luhman, Hansen, Husby, Wilder, Lusman, Kuhlman, Dohrman, Vogel, Dennis, Jaeschke, Cummings, Leonard, Rowe, Nowack, Sorenson, Petersen, Roper, Sperry, Schenck, Schmobel, Schmoble.

I will add to this to be sure. I have drawn a blank at the moment. If you have thought of more, you think I will leave out let me know and I will add them in. Eventually it should fill a page. As I explore the family I think there will be many pages, I hope.

Before I cover what I know in Iowa and Minnesota, I think we should go back in time with William and Mary Meyer familie. Much of the family is already covered in the Meyer book that some of your families already possess. Later, I should cover that book too. Some of you who do not own the book. Or aunt Clara has it way out in New york or California, and it can't be shared at this time. Rest easy it will be covered. Just not at this moment.

To cover William and Mary Heins (Heinz)entirely, I suppose we really need to start with the seed. The Begining. We could start with Radenbeck and Thomasburg, but that is on my other genealogy blog about Meyer. I will cover the family as it began at Eichdorf and Oldendorf by the Nahrendorf church. I would like to cover the Heins background because a good many of you even with the Meyer book are not aware of her background. It depends on which grapevine you frequent, I think. I want to more or less give a background of the Heins family. Then maybe come back to Iowa roots and work more there.

I have a great deal of information to share about William and Mary. I hope to cover her family going all the way back to Kreutzen, where she was born. And then journey into the area of Siddernhausen where, I have discovered the tip of the roots to be lodged there. The roots mingle with all the other roots of those who have been at Siddernhausen and surrounding villages. I would like to list a few of these before we move on to another page.

Diesten, Bleckmar, Hermansburg, Twisselhop, Sulze, Bostelwiebeck, Hassel, Huxhal, Belsen. I will edit and fill in more later.

Ahh. I did forget the very important one. Nahh. Not really. I saved the important root lodging deep down of the family named Dagefoerde in Dageforde. Many variations of this surname and village. Many ways our family Heins mixed and mingled amongst their roots and the others tangled between them.

I will name a few for starters and fill in more as I take more time on another full page on another day.

Brase, Koch, Winkelman, Stradtman, Gralheer, Hohls, Meyerhof[f], Brookman, Evers, Arens.

I discovered the family by accident. One day a grandfather of the Meyer family had a visitor. For some reason that visitor kept calling his son " the duke". I tried to find out by asking my siblings why did he call him that. Not until much later in time did I find out why he was called that. My brothers all said it was a nickname because of John Wayne the movie star of his day. It could have been a good reason, but it wasn't.

Well really, family, I can't finish that story today. Someday, maybe you can subscribe to my posting and whichwill make it easier for you to keep track of my up dates. [When I get the details of the feeds all worked out.] I have covered a lot today, I think. From a posting of family Meyer photo, a short introduction of background on Meyer in Iowa, gathering up all those surnames, hints of the background of the mother Heins. Gosh, I have worked up an appetite, so I'll have to quit for now. I promise to finnish with the little story about the 'Meyer called Duke'. So I'll be back soon with more.