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Genealogy of the Heins in the Meyer familie family

Heins information.
Perhaps we should start today with Maria Dorothea (Heins) Meyer.

vater: Johann Heinrich Heins

Mutter: Anna Maria Hencke

It is best to start with church documents to verify the birth. I believe these below came from Dahlenburg and Nahrendorf archives.

~ Personenstammblatt Mandant : 00-Boitze

V: 3 07.10.94


HEINS, Johann Heinrich (M) ev

* 05.03.1823 Bergen Kr. Celle

~ ?.03.1823 Bergen Kr. Celle

+ 19.09.1904 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf

± 22.09.1904 Nahrendorf

Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister der ev.-luth.

Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf

Nr. 24/1904 Heins, Johann Heinrich,

Ehemann, lmker in Eichdorf,

* gestorben in Eichdorf am 19.IX.1904,

begr. 22. September 1904 in Nahrendorf,

81 Jahre, 6 Monate und 14 Tage,

geboren in Bergen bei Celle am 5.111.1823.

Beruf : lmker in Eichdorf

1. Ehe : 1845 (U) Muden, Oertze = Fassberg

HENCKE, Anna Maria (F) ev

* 1825 (U) Kreutzen = Trauen bei Munster, Ortze,

? 1825 (U) Muden, Ortze = Fassberg

+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf

± Nahrendorf

1. Kind HEINS, Catharine (M) ev

1846 (R) Kreutzen = Trauen bei Munster,

Ortze 1846 (R) Muden, Oertze = Fassberg

+ 08.02.1932 (U) Kohlingen = Tosterglope

± 11.02.1932 Nahrendorf

Auszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister der ev.-luth.

Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf

Nr / -geb. Heins, Catharine, Wwe. zu Kohlingen,

86 Jahre, begr. 11. Februar [193] Nahrendorf.

2. Kind HEINS. Maria Dorothea - ev.-Luth.

Kreutzen = Trauen bei Munster, Oertze

* ?.06.1851

+ Oldendorf Nahrendorf

± Nahrendorf Februar

GENprofi Familienforschung


We Know that Maria Dorothea Heins died in Iowa. She was buried beside her husband, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer.

According to the Meyer Book, she had a brother Heinrich Heinz or Heins. The Meyer book liked to call her Heinz. The church book of St. Peters [at area of Farnhamville, Calhoun county in Iowa] called her Heins.

Later after receiving the above document, I submitted another question to the Nahrendorf Church volunter researcher of the archives. After this, I received another letter, which stated that the information about Catherine Heins [mentioned above,] was a mistake. I can't help but wonder whose family she really does belong. Someday, I hope I can find that out.
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