Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Rootdigger

I would like to link to my other blog right now. Especially since I recently posted a picture of the parents of Maria Dorothea Heins Meyer. If all goes correctly, you should find On A Rootdigger.blogspot a picture of Anna Maria Henke, Heinz { Heins ]! [I wish I had some information on the Henke family to give you. It has been a challenge.]

If you prefer not to click on the link by all means paste this address into your browser or google a rootdigger.blogspot.


Eventually, I should see. if I can do an enlarged close up of Johann Heinz's war medal on his chest. It definately has stripes on some of it ribbon. Remember he was originally from Bergen Celle. He and his wife were found to be renting in Oldendorf by William and Mary {Heins} Meyer in my church records of the babtisms of their children.

Lets see a little review of Johann born 1823. He must have gone into the military about age eighteen. This would be about 1841. He might have married, when he was twenty - 25. 1843-1848. Maybe he did some fighting with the French for Brunswick - Luneburg. And maybe fought in a war with Denmark.

Johann Heinrich (M) ev

* 05.03.1823 Bergen Kr. Celle

~ ?.03.1823 Bergen Kr. Celle

+ 19.09.1904 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf

± 22.09.1904 Nahrendorf

Maria Dorothea Heins geb. 1851 - Creutzen
Grandmother Winkelman - Sultingen.
Great grandmother Koch - Belsen

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A rootdigger said...

Perhaps that should be Halle rather than Hall. http://www.jonas-online.de/genealogy/jonas/fam00006.htm