Monday, September 29, 2008

A link to Meyer at A rootdigger

The Link to the other blog on Meyer. It also has other family names of Schultze, Rappaul, Ulrich, Riess, Luhmann, Seil, Raetzmann, Reinecke, Jahnke, Gehrke, Mueller, Schulze, Brese, Steckelberg to name only a few.A rootdigger features the area east of the Elbe river. The blog so far follows the family as far west as Uelzen. The Meyer family is well represented as one time residents of Radenbeck near Thomasburg. It covers the move to Neetzendorf and Eichdorf, Oldendorf by Nahrendorf and the Goehrde area. There will be many villages covered such as Sueschendorf, Ventschau, Duebbekold, Roethen, Barskamp, Dahlenburg, Bleckede, Breese. Weste and Gross Thondorf at Uelzen among others there.
It's definately not a blog to pass up.
It will hold clues to Winkelmann, Kothe, Heins, Meyerhof and a few other surnames of the Heins'family from Bergen, Celle.
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