Friday, July 11, 2008

A Dig into the Meyer and Seil Treasures of Sunnyslope Farm

The old vase from the Meyer household cupboard. This is a special treat for it holds the old counrty flowers with the name Queen Anns Lace. Actually it is wild carrot. It contains in the center so pretty, the flower called Rose of Sharon. I post that for my dear Daughter. It is not blue, but pretty all the same. I shall find the promised blue version soon. Her encouraging ways are so wonderful to have at my midlife. And the final flower in this treasured vase that which was once a gift, when I took the trip to Greene and Calhoun county, Iowa. I had a splendid time with dear Berniece Jaeschke and her family. I not only took this Rose campion and another plant back, I learned something too. I learned about what great reunions one can have, if one sets the mind to it. Did I not, Berniece. Also, I am really glad your enjoying the pink rose from the farm that I gave you. If your reading this, read this.
Thanks Berniece for all you did for me.

I do believe that the gray sets off the picture very nicely. It was a success well worth the frantic crawl around the road as it was going to rain any minute. I was quick inspite of batteries threating to be drained. The same day I had to cut off the last of the summers Light Pink Rose, which I used for the photo below. It was a very successful day and fun at the same time.

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