Friday, July 5, 2013

Some Heins were Heins and some were HEINß Mini series on Heinss HEINß pp 2

As I see it,  we should start with Peter Heinss at Diesten.

11.--Peter HEINß

* um 1630 in Diesten Celle
No children found for him or her
00-1657 in Bergen Celle
Frau- Ilsebe MOJELKEN * um 1610 in Huxahl Celle

Her father : 
Lüdker MOIJELKEN  * um 1610 in Huxahl Celle
Nicht verheiratet oder Heirat unbekannt!
sister- Margaret MOJELKEN
* um 1635 in Huxahl Celle
00-  1659 Bergen Celle with
Peter STRüVE
* um 1635 in Katensen Celle

More about their children at another time. You can see now  at this link.

Now  you  can look at the other Peter Heins of Siddernhausen who has a marriage same year too with  a woman with the same name.  There  may be errors in the  descendency.. I noticed them a few years ago. But the detail of places and births are correct.  My information came from a Disk sent to me from Herr Fink  himself a few years before the information became available. It's there FB Bergen chuch information.It may be confusingwhenon one page it says he was born Diestenand on another page Wardbohmen..It is to me and so I am going to report slowly. Later maybe I need to correct those pages.

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